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    Suffolk Jaguar SS100

    Suffolk Sportscars is dedicated to the production of the visually exact reproduction of the legendary Jaguar SS100, we have been in continual production of these cars for over 20 years. It is a pure and true in it's form, and is fully recognised and accepted by all the Jaguar car clubs around the world.

    The SS Jaguar 100 was originally designed in 1935 by William Lyons, the founder of Jaguar Cars Limited. You will find a history of the SS Jaguar 100 within our new website.

    The SS Jaguar 100 is one of the most important cars every produced in England. It marked the high point of English sports car design before the start of World War II. When the leading motoring writers of Europe selected their choice of the 100 most important cars of the 20th century, they included the legendary SS Jaguar 100. Surely there cannot be a more iconic or widely recognised car ever produced in such limited numbers. Only 314 SS Jaguar 100s were ever made, so for a car to be so well recognised signifies it as one of the most significant Art Deco vehicle designs, and also, a hugely significant vehicle in British motoring history.

    We have now made over 315 of our Suffolk SS100 Jaguar reproductions and in 2017 we will have produced more cars than the 314 units produced by William Lyons and SS Cars Ltd. We hope that this website will give you the confidence in our products and that you may take the opportunity to come and visit us at Woodbridge. I can tell you that even after over 20 years of making the SS100 I still get a smile and goosebumps whenever I’m ready to go for a drive.

    At Suffolk Sportscars we combine all the superb visuality of the original SS100 with modern brakes, steering, power and safety to meet the demands of today’s drivers. This is a great car to go touring in so you can plan to drive hundreds of miles in a day and do so in great comfort. The Jaguar XJ6 is one of the most comfortable saloon cars ever built and the suspension set-up on our car uses all the components that made this level of comfort possible.

    Within this website you can learn more about making the dream of one of the most iconic sports cars an eminently usable and enjoyable reality, at a realistic cost. We build numerous cars every year to bespoke customer specifications, and never build for stock. We can build you a bespoke car that you can truly call your own, with your choice of colour and trim, mechanical specification, trim level and optional extras. You can see cars that we have previously built in the gallery section of our website.

    We can also provide a self build package, where the vehicle comes ready for simple assembly and fitting at home, with a full set of reconditioned and new parts - effectively providing a big boys Meccano set.

    Finally, we aim to carry stock of our approved preowned Suffolk cars, although this is not always possible. We pick and choose to resell only the finest examples, and all cars come fully prepared to the best standards, with works guarantees, and ready for sale. Many cars carry historic registration, so can be exported worldwide to a great number of countries.

    In fact, Suffolk cars can now be found in over 50 countries of the world.

    SS100 Self Build

    You can build a Suffolk 100 Jaguar

    Our Customer Build Manual fully explains all assembly procedures. The Build Manual is updated annually so the information you are getting is always right up to date.

    Dowloading a pdf of our Build Manual is free, however, we ask for an email address so we can keep track of who has one. We will not add you to any mailing list unless you specifically ask us and we will not bug you with needless calls; if you need further help please email us

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    Delivery 1

    We would typically prepare all items to enable the '4 corners' of a chassis to be assembled. This would include powder coated chassis plus all brakes, suspension, steering, front and rear hubs plus a pre-assembed rear axle assembly, fuel tank, radiator hoop and stays.

    Delivery 2

    You would receive the reconditioned XK engine, gearbox, overdrive, propshaft, SU carburettors and inlet manifold, stainless steel exhaust system, radiator and road wheels.

    Delivery 3

    You would receive the prepared body (can be supplied painted) and a large number of assembly parts including pre-cut floorboards, wiring loom and ancillaries.

    Delivery 4

    Would comprise the windscreen, hood frame, weather gear, seats, interior, brightwork, lamp bar, headlamps and final components.

    All deliveries are at customers calling; there is no prescribed timescale, and we have had some customers who have completed their assembly in as little as 6 months whereas some have taken over 2 years when choosing to do it as a slow and steady project.

    The following is a typical short guide to the assembly procedures:

    1 Chassis to be sited on 4 axle stands in a garage or workshop.
    2 Fit into chassis the 4 special Metalastic bushes that carry the top and bottom differential mounting plates and secure with Loctite.
    3 Fit into chassis (using the Suffolk differential mounting plates) the sub-assembly unit of rear driveshafts; lower arms; outer hubs; inboard disc brakes; differential unit (note: This unit can be completely built by Suffolk prior to delivery of the chassis enabling the customer to fit 'the back end' as a single operation).
    4 Fit the 2 rear tie bars with their special bushes and rose joints.
    5 Fit the 4 spring coils over the shock absorber units of the rear suspension.
    6 Build up the front end of the chassis using the upper and lower suspension wishbones, uprights, brake discs, bearings, and hubs.
    7 Fit 2 spring coils over the shock absorbers and install.
    8 Fit front brake calipers to the uprights.
    9 Fit steering rack to chassis using 3 special polyurethane bushes.
    10 Fit brake and clutch pedals to chassis on pedal shaft.
    11 Fit brake servo and master cylinder to mounting plate on chassis.
    12 Fit 3/16 cupronickel brake lines to inside of the offside chassis rail using 12 clips (4-way connector from servo to brake light hydraulic switch and to individual front calipers, 3 way connector from servo to individual rear calipers).
    13 Install 2 front brake flexi hoses between brake lines and calipers.
    14 Fit fuel tank, contents sender unit and fuel pump to chassis.
    15 Fit 5/16 copper fuel line to chassis (leading from tank to offside of engine compartment) with 7 clips.
    16 Fit engine mountings
    17 Fit bush to gearbox
    18 Using an engine crane (included with engine delivery) install engine and gearbox as one unit (less carburettors and exhaust) on 3 mounting points.
    19 Install Suffolk modified propshaft.
    20 Install radiator mounting hoop, aluminium radiator, electric cooling fan, and water hoses..
    21 Fit exhaust manifolds and Suffolk 6 part stainless steel exhaust system.
    22 Fit 4 special splined wheel hubs with wheel nuts and dummy brake drums.
    23 Fit Suffolk SS100 18" road wheels with Blockley 5.50x18 6ply tyres.
    24 Fit handed L/h and R/h 'SS' logo wheel spinners
    25 Drop body onto chassis (lifting assistance provided on delivery)
    26 Install chrome radiator shell onto the mounting hoop
    27 Fit 4 handmade aluminium bonnet panels over engine compartment
    28 Arrange trimming for interior with Suffolk Sportscars, or your nominated trim specialist (we can supply a half trim kit, comprising seats and door cards complete, and remaining leather and carpet to trim the rest of the vehicle.)
    29 Install wiring loom (the correct position and location of terminals is determined by using Suffolk diagrams as shown in the Customer Build Manual)
    30 Install handbrake and handbrake cable
    31 Install floorboard set, transmission and prop shaft tunnels
    32 Fit seat runners
    33 Fit Jaguar engine with all operational ancillaries: coil, distributor, alternator, carburettors, manifolds etc.
    34 Fit 4 bonnet catches to the bonnet including 4 hold down fasteners to chassis rail
    35 Fit windscreen wiper spindles
    36 Install instruments & switches into predrilled dashboard
    37 Fit hood mountings & rear hood rests
    38 Fit steering column & indicator stalk
    39 Fit carpets & door linings
    40 Fit door locks & latches
    41 Fit windscreen & mirrors
    42 Fit hood frame & mohair hood
    43 Fit dummy fuel tank vent
    44 Fit spare wheel to chassis mounting
    45 Fit lamp bar, front valance & starting handle eye
    46 Fit radiator cap & badge
    47 Fit steering wheel & boss
    48 Fit headlights, front lamps, rear lamps, side lights & indicators
    49 Fit tonneau cover & hood bag
    50 Fit rear view mirror
    51 Check ALL fluid levels carefully before starting engine.
    52 Fit battery and turn ignition on
    53 BEFORE DRIVING: Check oil pressure; water temperature; brake pedal pressure .
    54 Arrange MOT test.

    Suffolk SS100 Bespoke

    Suffolk 100 Jaguar

    The Suffolk SS100 Jaguar is the ideal combination of the authenticity of a 1930s Jaguar sports car, mixed with modern engineering and technology, to provide the most exhilarating driving experience.

    Under the completely accurate 1937 SS Jaguar 100 coachwork and visual appearance, lies something rather different and better than the 1930s equipment. A bespoke designed and meticulously-built MIG welded box section steel chassis, which carries full Jaguar running gear and mechanicals. With a 4.2 litre XK twin cam straight-6 engine, servo assisted disc brakes, rack and pinion steering and adjustable coilover suspension - it has a performance and handling that excels its appearance, and indeed many of it's competitors.

    When we build a Suffolk SS100, we always build the car to a bespoke customer specification, meaning that when you order a car, you can choose from an infinite number of paint and trim combinations, as well as a wide range of optional equipment and special order items, to create a car that is truly one of a kind.

    On the road the Suffolk has all the feel of a much more modern sports car, and with engine output between 200-300bhp, in a car weighing approximately 1250kg, it has the performance to match one too.

    The cars have proved to compete well in Hillclimbs and track days against many a more modern car, but are also supremely comfortable from within the passenger compartment, so that one can easily feel comfortable travelling a few hundred miles in a single day without discomfort.

    The car can be specified to order in LHD or RHD and can be ordered with manual or automatic transmissions. The engine can also be specified with different capacities and power outputs.

    Standard Equipment:

    • Standard or metallic paintwork colours
    • 18" 72 spoke silver wire wheels (colours optional)
    • Black mohair hood, side screens, tonneau cover and hood bag (colours optional)
    • Folding windscreen with aeroscreens
    • Handmade leather trim and Wilton carpeting in choice of colour
    • Trimmed lockable compartment with toolkit, wheel hammer and jack
    • Moto-Lita wood rim steering wheel in 16" or 15"
    • Luggage rack in stainless steel
    • 4235cc Jaguar XK engine - remanufactured to as new condition
    • 4-speed all synchromesh gearbox with overdrive (5 speed or automatic optional)
    • Electronic ignition
    • Stainless steel exhaust system

    Optional Extras

    Option List 1
    Reproduction Lucas QK596 10.5 Headlamps
    Reproduction Lucas QK596 7" Driving Lamps
    Centre Lucas 9" Flamethrower Spotlamp (not with QK596 Driving Lamps)
    Chrome Badge Bar and 3 buckles (badges optional by order)
    Louvred aluminium front valance in place of GRP valance
    Desmo style leaper mounted on radiator cap base
    Jaguar Leaper 8" mounted on bone and base
    Prince Michael Mascot mounted on bone and base
    Wing rivets to replicate original cars
    Chrome wire wheels
    2 enamel Union Jack flag badges mounted on rear bonnet (other nationalities by order)
    Driver side mounted chrome search light below windscreen pillar
    Large 17" original style black steering wheel
    Removable radio and speaker system in cockpit
    Stopwatches mounted on dashboard
    Smooth/crackle black painted or leather trimmed dashboard
    "SS" logo engraved steering wheel centre
    Hazard warning light system
    Engine & Performance
    Option for 3.4 or 3.8 engine to customer preference
    High performance 4.2 engine upgrade (250bhp est.)
    5 Speed Tremec gearbox
    Automated transmission
    Stainless steel exhaust manifolds
    Delete rear silencer for louder exhaust
    Power-lock (LSD) Differential
    Prince Michael Mascot mounted on bone and base
    Wing rivets to replicate original cars
    Chrome wire wheels
    2 enamel Union Jack flag badges mounted on rear bonnet (other nationalities by order)
    Driver side mounted chrome search light below windscreen pillar
    Large 17" original style black steering wheel
    Removable radio and speaker system in cockpit
    Stopwatches mounted on dashboard
    Smooth/crackle black painted or leather trimmed dashboard
    "SS" logo engraved steering wheel centre
    Hazard warning light system
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    We are pleased to be able to build a Suffolk SS100 Jaguar reproduction to a customer order and offer a 12 month guarantee against the specific failure of any mechanical part. We undertake to supply replacement parts on an exchange basis only.  Cars requiring labour as part of their 12 month guarantee can be returned to our works at the customer's cost, so that the repair can be carried out for free.

    We also offer a 10 year guarantee against corrosion of the chassis or bodywork (UK only).

    Completed cars are supplied with the latest British Department of Transport Vehicle Registration Document V5C and a 12 month MOT certificate.

    We can also register our cars as new 2017 vehicles via and SVA test and then transferrable cherished registrations can be applied to the cars for UK use.

    Each Suffolk SS100 Jaguar is constructed using the original vehicle identity complete with fully rebuilt mechanical parts from a Jaguar XJ6 4.2 Series II or III. However, we can also use 1964-1968 Jaguar S Type identity and mechanical parts that can simplify registration regulations in certain countries.

    We have exported completed cars to most European countries and also to the USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

    Catalytic converters are not necessary but can be fitted where local regulations require.

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    BODY TYPE 2 Seater Sports
    DESIGNER William Lyons
    WHEELBASE 2420 104
    TRACK (front) 1370  54
    TRACK (rear) 1370  54
    LENGTH 3860 152
    WIDTH 1570 62
    HEIGHT 1300 51
    KERB WEIGHT 1193kg 2625 lb
    FUEL TANK CAPACITY 64L 14 UK Gal, 16 US Gal
    CYLINDERS Straight 6
    BORE X STROKE 92.07 x 106mm
    3.6 x 4.17 inches
    VALVE GEAR Double overhead camshaft (DOHC), 2 valves per cylinder, 13 valves in total
    ACCELERATION 0-60mph 8.2s (for 250 BHP 4.2 with 3.54:1 final drive)
    ACCELERATION 0-160km/h (100mph) 24 s (for 250 BHP 4.2 with 3.54:1 final drive)
    STANDING QUARTER-MILE 17.5 s (for 250 BHP 4.2 with 3.31:1 final drive)
    MAXIMUM SPEED 115 (overdrive Top with 3.54:1 final drive)
    POWER TO WEIGHT RATIO 145-250 bhp/tonne (1000kg)
    DESIGN MIG welded closed box section steel chassis made from 150x30x3mm mild steel with mountings for Jaguar XJ mechanicals, specifically designed for the SS100
    ENGINE POSITION Front mid-engine
    ENGINE LAYOUT Longitudinal
    DRIVE WHEELS Rear wheel drive
    STEERING Jaguar rack and pinion steering (LHD or RHD)
    FRONT SUSPENSION Jaguar dual unequal length wishbones with adjustable torsion coil over dampers
    REAR SUSPENSION Jaguar Independent rear suspension with 4 adjustable coil over damper units, rose jointed tie bars
    WHEEL SIZE FRONT 5j x 18" 72-spoke wire wheel - standard silver (colours optional)
    WHEEL SIZE REAR 5j x 18" 72-spoke wire wheel - standard silver (colours optional)
    TYRES FRONT Blockley high performance radial A6C 5.50X18 tyres with tubes
    TYRES REAR Blockley high performance radial A6C 5.50X18 tyres with tubes
    BRAKES F/R Hydraulic - 4 piston callipers (F) and 2 piston callipers with cable mechanical handbrake (R)
    FRONT BRAKE DIAMETER 280mm vented disc
    REAR BRAKE DIAMETER 265mm solid disc
    GEARBOX Jaguar all synchromesh 4-speed manual with overdrive - 5-speed manual and automatic optional
    AXLE Jaguar Salisbury 4HA IRS differential mounted on bespoke brackets and metalastic bushes. Inbord rear discs
    FINAL DRIVE RATIO 3.54:1 - other ratios available. Open or Powerlock type.
    BODY FITTINGS Chromed brass SS100 grille, Stainless type 40 lights, with mesh headlamp covers, mounted on chrome ‘100’ lamp bar with stays on louvred front valance, teardrop chrome side lamp and indicator fittings on front wings.
    4-piece louvred aluminium bonnet with stainless steel hinges, and 4 chrome ripault fasteners.

    Chromed folding SS100 laminated windscreen, mounted on bulkhead, with 2 glass aeroscreens and 2 oval side mirrors, chrome rear view mirror on bulkhead

    Hood in black mohair, hood bag, tonneau cover and side screens, chrome flip up fuel filler cap, dummy fuel tank vent, 2 Owl’s eye rear light units mounted on number plate brackets, spare wheel and luggage rack
    INTERIOR FITTINGS Pair of handmade SS100 bucket seats, with improved comfort and space, trimmed in finest leather, Transmission tunnel, footwells, rear shelf and cabin trimmed in Wilton carpet with leather gearstick and handbrake gaiters, fitted lap and shoulder seatbelts.
    Lockable rear compartments trimmed in Wilton carpet

    Dashboard painted in body colour and fitted with silver SS 120MPH speedometer, tachometer, oil pressure, water temperature gauge, ammeter and fuel gauge, plus key and starter, Jaguar 3 position headlamp switch, and pull switches for overdrive, wipers and heater control.

    Heater hidden under dashboard, separate switch panel with rear fog light, 12v accessory socket and manual choke. Indicators, horn, headlamp beam control and flasher on stalk mounted to steering column behind dash.
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    Suffolk Sportscars Ltd
    PO Box 100
    IP12 9BA

    Sales - +44 (0) 7967 339424
    Workshop - +44 (0) 1728 745055
    Office - +44 (0) 1728 745000 (message service)
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    We think we build fantastic cars and would like to share what we do with you. Please fill out our Enquiry Form for more information.

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