A Fantastic C-Type, built new earlier this year and with less than 400 miles - a great opportunity to acquire one of our car at a lesser cost than a new vehicle, and without the wait for us to build it for you.

The car is built on our Suffolk spaceframe chassis, based on the original drawings, and fitted with torsion bar front suspension and live axle at the rear with panhard rod, just like the original.

The outer skin of the body is GRP moulded from XKC039 and all the internal panelling is aluminium like the original, most people cannot even see that it is GRP from under the bonnet, the finish is that good (even if we do say so ourselves) We produce the only replicas that are dimensionally correct to the original - just take a look at period photos of C-Types, then our cars and you will see what we mean...

Inside the car, a pair of our C-Type bucket seats trimmed red in Muirhead hides compliment all the aluminium, whilst the dashboard is covered in black vyanide just like the originals. The gauges are all replicas of the original instrument faces, but sensibly upgraded to electronic rather than mechanical in their operation.

Mechanically the car has a fully rebuilt VSE 4.2 litre XK engine with twin SU HD8 carburettors with automatic choke (these units are really rather good when properly rebuilt!) power is trasnmitted to the regency red wire wheels via a 4 speed short compact gearrbox with Laycock de Normanville overdrive, and a 3.31:1 Salisbury 4HA live axle at the rear.

This, even in it's mild sounding tune, is still a sensationally quick car that will surprise most on the road and keep entertained even those used to car which are faster on paper.

100% of the original Le Mans experience for 1% of the cost! Said our last advert in the XK Club's competition department magazine, and in light of the D-Type sale price in Monterey, this is now truer than ever, in fact more like 0.5% of the cost!

Viewing available by appointment in Woodbridge, Suffolk. Contact us for further details.

Any specification items can be changed upon request, colour, seats, carburation, wheels, engine, LHD, 5 speed or automatic are all possible, call Fraser Williams on +44 (0) 7967 339 424 to discuss this.