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Suffolk XK 120 C-type development

Roger Williams joined Ipswich Jaguar dealership Botwoods Ltd in 1960 as a Management trainee. Every aspect of running a major dealership and the myriad of internal service units were part of his 5 year training. Highlights included long training weeks at Jaguar Cars at Browns Lane and visits to the assembly lines and engine workshops instilled a love of the Jaguar product.

Williams left Botwoods in 1965 to run his own business but 30 years later took over a small project making a recreation of the pre-war Jaguar SS100. All of his early skills now came back into sharp focus. The car was extensively improved and relaunched as the Suffolk SS100.

Using the skills of this business and with the assistance of a number of Jaguar Enthusiasts it was decided to create a reproduction Jaguar C-type. Williams was most fortunate in being able to have unlimited access to a number of original cars including a completely original car - that had never been damaged.

New body moulds were made and a true copy pf the original chassis was created.

In order to keep the car as true to the concept of the original C-type as possible it was decided to use torsion bar front suspension rather than the more modern coil over.

The rear suspension uses the original pattern trailing arms and Panhard rod attached to an extensively modified Jaguar MKII live rear axle.

The car has Lockhead disc brakes all round with a discreetly mounted servo. The steering is rack and pinion with a safety collapsible steering column.

A wide choice of Jaguar XK engines can be fitted. 3.4, 3.8 and 4.2 variants are available. These can be modified for performance and fitted with Weber carburettors.

The Jaguar Short Compact gearbox with overdrive is usually fitted but he car will accept a wide choice of alternative transmissions.

Mechanically and dynamically the car is designed to perform and feel like the originals did back in the fifties. The subtle modifications improve the car's efficiency without compromising the traditions of the original.

On the road the car displays fine handling and is certainly capable of achieving speeds of 150mph.

Every detail of the Suffolk C-type has been carefully crafted to achieve a reproduction that is a faithful copy of the original. Certain subtle modifications have been incorporated to improve driver comfort and convenience,

All parts to create a Suffolk C-type are available from Woodbridge as a Big Boys Meccano set, see the 'Self Build' and 'Works Built' web pages. An owners Build Manual is supplied and full technical and workshop customer back up is included. All parts supplied are guaranteed for 12 months.