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    Suffolk Sportscars is dedicated to the production of the visually exact reproduction of the legendary Jaguar SS100, we have been in continual production of these cars for over 20 years. It is a pure and true in it's form, and is fully recognised and accepted by all the Jaguar car clubs around the world.

    The SS Jaguar 100 was originally designed in 1935 by William Lyons, the founder of Jaguar Cars Limited. You will find a history of the SS Jaguar 100 within our new website.

    The SS Jaguar 100 is one of the most important cars every produced in England. It marked the high point of English sports car design before the start of World War II. When the leading motoring writers of Europe selected their choice of the 100 most important cars of the 20th century, they included the legendary SS Jaguar 100. Surely there cannot be a more iconic or widely recognised car ever produced in such limited numbers. Only 314 SS Jaguar 100s were ever made, so for a car to be so well recognised signifies it as one of the most significant Art Deco vehicle designs, and also, a hugely significant vehicle in British motoring history.

    We have now made over 300 of our Suffolk SS100 Jaguar reproductions and in 2017 we will have produced more cars than the 314 units produced by William Lyons and SS Cars Ltd. We hope that this website will give you the confidence in our products and that you may take the opportunity to come and visit us at Woodbridge. I can tell you that even after over 20 years of making the SS100 I still get a smile and goosebumps whenever I’m ready to go for a drive.

    At Suffolk Sportscars we combine all the superb visuality of the original SS100 with modern brakes, steering, power and safety to meet the demands of today’s drivers. This is a great car to go touring in so you can plan to drive hundreds of miles in a day and do so in great comfort. The Jaguar XJ6 is one of the most comfortable saloon cars ever built and the suspension set-up on our car uses all the components that made this level of comfort possible.

    Within this website you can learn more about making the dream of one of the most iconic sports cars an eminently usable and enjoyable reality, at a realistic cost. We build numerous cars every year to bespoke customer specifications, and never build for stock. We can build you a bespoke car that you can truly call your own, with your choice of colour and trim, mechanical specification, trim level and optional extras. You can see cars that we have previously built in the gallery section of our website.

    We can also provide a self build package, where the vehicle comes ready for simple assembly and fitting at home, with a full set of reconditioned and new parts - effectively providing a big boys Meccano set.

    Finally, we aim to carry stock of our approved preowned Suffolk cars, although this is not always possible. We pick and choose to resell only the finest examples, and all cars come fully prepared to the best standards, with works guarantees, and ready for sale. Many cars carry historic registration, so can be exported worldwide to a great number of countries.

    In fact, Suffolk cars can now be found in over 50 countries of the world.

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    We always try to carry a stock of the best Suffolk cars and other classic Jaguar cars. All vehicles come fully works prepared and serviced, and ready for use.

    Over 190 cars have already been built by our customers all over the world. Join those who have had a great time building their dream car at home.

    We always have new cars being manufactured to order and built at our Woodbridge workshops. Come and see us to learn more about our cars.

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    We think we build fantastic cars and would like to share what we do with you. Please fill out our Enquiry Form for more information.

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