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Suffolk SS100 Jaguar Green


Suffolk SS100 Jaguar.  Registered as a 1977 Jaguar 4.2 litre Sport.  Exportable to USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Europe.  Shipping can be arranged at cost.  Registration Number ANG 964S included.  Car will become eligible for Historic status in less than 2 years.

Overall Condition: Not immaculate, but very sound generally and much cherished by me.  A prime candidate for some TLC.  One owner, and then by me personally for 9 years.

Jaguar XK 4.2 litre engine.  Fitted with twin 2 inch SU carburettors and choke unit.  Polished flat faced XJ cam covers.  Engine fan and electric fan.

Engine re-build Specification:
4.2 litre XK engine completely remanufactured (in 2005) to fast road specification.  Fully balanced internal mass.  Rebuilt starter, alternator, distributor, water pump.  Full stainless steel twin pipe exhaust system.  Stainless steel exhuast manifolds.
Gearbox & Differential: Jaguar Short Compact 4 speed + overdrive unit.  Salisbury differential.  All the above rebuilt by Jaguar specialists.
Chasis & Bodywork: MIG welded 150x50x3mm closed box section.  Lockheed power assisted disc brakes.  Adjustable shock absorbers on 6 coil spring suspension.  Rack and pinion steering.  Bodywork in GRP and steel.  Louvred alloy bonnet.  Totally accurate recreation of the 1938 Jaguar SS100.  Bodywork finished in British Racing Green.
Wheels: 18 inch 72 spoke wheels in Green and fitted with Blockley High Performance pattern tyres.
Interior: Connolly leather in Green with matching Wilton carpets including carpeting to locker.  Mota-Lita steering wheel.

1930s period headlights.  Twin spotlights.  Heater, fan, sidescreens, tonneau cover, hoodbag, fitted hood in now fading mohair.  Aeroscreens, windwings, luggage rack.  Seat belts, GB plate, toolkit, jack and copper faced hammer....and some New Zealand dust.



Price: Refer to Roger Williams for viewing in Suffolk.  Telephone 07967 339424
Guarantee: 6 months works parts guarantee from date of sale.  New MOT and tax.

The first owner built the car to look as old and antique as possible.  This car has the look and patina of an original Jaguar SS100 and it was painted in period cellulose paint.  I bought the car back from him in 2007 and exported it to New Zealand, where I annually organise car tours with many UK Jaguar owners.  So I have driven this car for thousands of miles all over both islands every February for 9 years and had more fun and adventures than is recordable here.  In nine years of driving it in paradise I ran one wheel bearing, replaced one overdrive switch and suffered one puncture.

Now the car is home and needs a bit of TLC.

I don't usually sell my cars in anything other than immaculate condition, but here I might make an exception.  As I have too much work going on at Woodbridge to give someone the opportunity to go through the car and fettle it where necessary.

The paintwork is not immaculate but the car is solid and strong and a testament to the excellent chassis and bodywork.  The mechanicals are strong but will be better for its next service.

No rust, but a few slight scrapes from mountant roads.

Excellent value, get yourself ready for 2016.

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